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GyanData Pvt. Ltd.
GyanData Pvt. Ltd. GyanData Pvt. Ltd. is founded by experienced professors from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Texas Tech University (USA) and Purdue University (USA) bringing in domain expertise and knowledge gained through their valuable research and industrial consultancy with a vision to deliver data modelling and process control solutions to industries with state of art techniques and algorithms.We are geared towards increasing the competitiveness of our customers through the development and deployment of innovative and holistic solutions to their engineering problems. Our present focus is on product development and consultancy in the fields of Data modelling, Surge analysis, Water Distribution Systems, Process monitoring and control, Fault diagnosis, Decision support systems and other Software applications to process industries. We are located at IIT Madras Research Park that provides us a technically synergistic work environment with access to research facilities and highly skilled manpower resources.

HyperVerge Inc
HyperVerge Inc

HyperVerge Inc. is a Silicon Valley based startup. We are passionate about empowering people using technology. Our story began 4 years back at IIT Madras. We started with struggling to install a vision library in Ubuntu. Participating in some of the most challenging robotics competitions, building apps, helping railways, counting biscuits, inspecting raw rubber, reading arabic, identifying grain boundaries, classifying weld defects, we did it all. A Microsoft, a Schlumberger, a NetApp, a Qualcomm later, we knew that the time had come.

Unilumen Photonics Private Limited
Unilumen Photonics Private Limited

Unilumen Photonics was incubated by IIT-Madras in 2012 and aims to be a leading provider of fibre laser systems for material marking and cutting for use in bio - engineering and the indigenous development of defensive technologies.

Unilumen Photonics will leverage the expertise available with academia, and industry to provide cost effective and high performance fibre laser systems to our customers.

We anticipate a strong collaboration under the National Photonics Initiative with academic institutes such as the IITs, CSIR and DAE institutes such as CGCRI, CEERI and RRCAT.


1000Lookz is a virtual makeover technology application based on facial image recognition technology. The application allows customers to try on cosmetic items like eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, nail polish etc. on their own photograph. The virtual hair studio- MIDAS helps hair stylists show various hair styles and colors to customers on their own photo

Ather Energy
Ather Energy

What it offers: The company is developing electric two wheelers using 'swappable' Lithium-ion batteries. Prototypes ready, bodywork fabrication in progress. Funds raised: Seed investment by IITM-IC and angel funds.

Okapi Advisory Services
Okapi Advisory Services

Institutional design consultancy focused on building social systems for sustainable development. Focus areas: Infrastructure and service governance, Social impact strategy, Research ecosystems and sustainable futures. Company co-founded by a faculty member of IITM

Greenvironment Innovation and Marketing India
Greenvironment Innovation and Marketing India

An environmental engineering company focused towards providing innovative & cost effective technologies for water, wastewater and solid waste management solutions based on sustainability principles. Company offers Consultancy services, Design, Turnkey projects, Operation & Maintenance of decentralized – Water treatment plants, Reverse Osmosis desalination plants, Rain water harvesting techniques, Grey water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants, Industrial effluent treatment plants, Integrated Zero waste management solutions, Biogas and Composting plants.

Airwood Aerostructures

Founder: Vivek Rajkumar (IITM alumnus) What it offers: Specialises in super-light composites, airframes and unmanned vehicles. Produce high performance designs in Defense & aerial photography applications. Also catering to radio-controlled hobby and toy airplane customers.


Engineering Project Management Consultancy and Research (EPMCR) is a civil engineering consulting firm specializing in Engineering & Project Management Consultancy services. EPMCR ' s founders, Mr. P.S.Mukundan and Mr. S.Kavinkumar, are alumni of IIT Madras and experienced professional engineers having worked with prestigious organizations of both private and Government in India. EPMCR is incubated by IIT Madras and mentored by Dr. Koshy Varghese, Professor, Building Technology & Construction Management, Department of Civil Engineering, I.I.T. Madras.

EPMCR has been formed with a vision " to enable a quality Indian Infrastructure development within time and budget through its Engineering, Project Management and Training Services ".

To help our clients realize the optimum value & quality for their investment in infrastructure projects within the time and budget.Bring innovative & cost effective solution to improve productivity through waste reduction and other new technologies Offer professional training to young engineers on construction management.


RelAgent enables discovery of connections between objects across multiple documents. Currently, RelAgent has two products for intra-document discovery: Cocoa, a recognition engine for objects that occur in a document, and Peaberry, a tool for discovery of connections between objects also inside a single document.


Geotagg, we strive to provide reliable and robust transportation solutions under challenging traffic scenarios. Our applications assist public transportation units to improve their quality of service provided to the passengers. In our relentless pursuit of improving commutes, we develop strong ITS applications for heterogeneous and uncertain traffic conditions. Our technologies deliver the promise of urban transportation sector, to continue its journey towards overall sustainable development of the cities.


Raft is a public transport mobile app that gives you the best routes to take between any two points in the city. Raft is currently live for the city of Chennai covering various modes such as MTC Buses, Local Trains and recently launched Metro Rail. Raft has a dedicated team on the ground that enables us collect up to date information and bring reliable information to our users. It was launched in the last week of Dec’ 14 and currently have more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store, with a rating of 4.5.

Swayambhu Biologics
Swayambhu Biologics

Swayambhu Biologics pioneering research work in the filed of Hi-Tech Agriculture and solid waste management was rewarded suitably in the second Quarter of 2012. IIT Madras RTBI incubated Swayambhu Biologics and provided much needed resources, lab and space at the IIT Research Park. This progression since inception only validates our work, belief and trust to continue the journey to make large scale societal impact.

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Curated Deals:-We pre-vet and select startups that we push to a carefully curated group of angel investors. And sometimes, institutional firms stop by to co-invest in a large sized seed deal.

No TermSheets:-No more back-and-forth negotiations that drag along for weeks or months. Get straight down to business with carefully crafted, fair, intelligent, final deal terms.

Samunnati Value Chain Finance

Samunnati aims to provide underserved households access to markets through financial intermediation, market linkages and advisory services by focusing on the key economic drivers of a district/taluk. The objective is to aid the enterprises and value chains operate at a higher level of productivity thereby creating value for all the stakeholders engaged in it.

Edsix Brain Labs
Edsix Brain Labs

Develops Brain-Skill & Educational Games.Conceptualized with the vision of improving congnitive performance for students and adults through next generation brain enhancement programs

Chakra Network Solutions

Provides Network management solutions to both telecom and non-telecom domains (Consultancy and Implementation). Company founded by IITM alumnus.

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Over 30 companies incubated (and 24 situated at IITMRP). These ventures have been founded by students, faculty, staff and alumni of IITM and external members (R&D partners) across multiple sectors


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